Modern Game Bantams
      Breeder- Fancier

Class Trophy Sponsor’s
*Blue Red -Choate
*BB Red - Choate
  Birchen- Walker
  Brown Red – Walker
 *Black- A. Lawrence
 *Blue- K. Thomas
*Red Pyle- Vicki Balthrop
  White- D. Dykes
*Silver Blue-K. Thomas
  Splash- Ric Hunter
*Self Blue- J. Graves
*Lemon Blue-S.  Wulff
 Silver Duckwing- Lee Traver
 Crele-Lee Traver
*Wheaten- J. Forhan
*Ginger Red-Wulff Family
*Black LF- Jodi Forhan
*Birchen LF – Jodi Forhan
* Red Pyle- LF- Julie Couch
*Best Junior- J. Forhan
*Res Junior- J. Forhan
*Best Trio- J. Forhan
*Display- A. Lawrence

North American Leghorn Club 2018 National Meet

Proudly presenting awards for Champion and Reserve Large Fowl, Champion and Reserve Bantam, Champion and Reserve Youth Leghorns. There are also Specials and Awards for some of our less commonly shown Varieties. Thank you to those who have donated so generously towards these awards: Steven Androes, Brian Caraker, Mark & Jen Dooms, Andrew Helton, Bridgett Riddle, Jim & Bonnie Sallee.  We look forward to seeing you in Shawnee! For information about the North American Leghorn Club, please visit our website ~ northamericanleghornclub.com and also join the Group discussion on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/theNALC .