Anytime Poultry crosses the state line, there must be documentation of movement. This is for your protection as well as other poultry producers in the case of a disease outbreak. It is also a USDA ADT (Animal Disease Traceability) requirement.
NPIP flock owners have an advantage and are able to by-pass having to make a special trip to a veterinarian for a health certificate. You are able to complete, on your own, an NPIP 9-3 Form documenting the movement of poultry out of our state. While this is not required for in-state movement, it is recommended. Several flock owners do it because it’s just easier to keep track of their sales for their own benefit as well. If you do not complete a 9-3 form for in-state movement, you are required to keep records of any poultry that you sell. That could be as easy as having a notebook with a running list of buyer’s names and addresses.
NPIP 9-3 forms are available at no charge electronically. Flock Owners should contact [email protected] requesting approval to submit 9-3 forms electronically PRIOR to any out of state shipments. Once approved, Flock Owners must complete a 9-3 for each shipment out of Oklahoma. Each shipment you send or receive from out of state must be accompanied by a 9-3 form. 

 The State Of Oklahoma is accepting NPIP Extensions issues by States with an antigen shortage.

All entries must be accompanied by:
(1) A copy of the Exhibitors National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) official flock certificate, OR
(2) NPIP 9-2 Test Report, OR
(3) NPIP approved state plan certificate.
ALL POULTRY, WATERFOWL, AND TURKEYS going to public exhibition must:
(1) Be from a flock tested for Pullorum-typhoid as part of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) and be clean. All Turkeys being exhibited, exported, or participating under the National Poultry Improvement Plan are to be tested, OR
(2) Have been tested with 90 days by an accredited veterinarian or an authorized testing agent.

(1).  Any Poultry, Waterfowl, Turkeys, or other exhibition fowl being imported into Oklahoma shall be free of visible
evidence of disease, AND
(2). Have passed a negative test for reportable salmonella groups within 90 days prior to entry, with the results recorded on an official form from the state of origin certifying that the testing was done by an authorized agent of the state, OR
(3). Have originated from flocks authoritatively participating in such disease control and eradication phases of the National Poultry Improvement Plan or NPIP approved a state plan which shall be negative and clean, AND
(4). Be from flocks not known to be infected with reportable salmonella groups. Poultry qualifying under No. 2 or No. 3 may be reported without an official Health Certificate. All exhibition poultry must be identified by a tamper-proof leg or wing band unless they originate from a flock authoritatively participating in the NPIP or NPIP approved state plan.
Additional info pertaining to the Avian Influenza outbreaks:

1) At this time health certificates are not required for entry at our show.
2) If a flock is coming from within a quarantined area (the 10 km circle), they must obtain a permit from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture (405-522-6139). A copy of the permit must accompany the entry.
3) Health requirements for entry are subject to change without notice.